Your skin is truly remarkable. But it can also be truly temperamental.

If you’ve ever woken up to a blotchy face, chapped lips, cracked cuticles, or elbows that feel like sandpaper, you'll understand.

But lots of dry skin issues don’t have to mean lots of dry skin products. How about just one pot of multi-tasking loveliness?

Trilogy’s Everything Balm fits the bill. An all-round, sure-fire, totally natural fixer-upper that’s ready to nourish, soothe and calm – whatever life throws your way.

Handy enough to keep in your bag, Everything Balm – or as we like to call it: everything bag balm – will calm and soothe the most temperamental of skin.

Making the most of nature’s finest, it contains organic rosehip oil to hydrate and strengthen the skin, Echinacea to build resilience, and pawpaw to limit free radicals. You’ll also find extracts of papaya, evening primrose, coconut, olive, and honey all working their magic in this darling of the UK’s bag balm world.

This multi-tasking bag balm is a UK skin saviour and has a host of different uses. Here are our top ten:

  1. Lip balm: Keep lips soft and supple (and makes lipstick look better)
  2. Intensive hand cream: Heals, repairs and protects dry skin, while keeping hands looking younger
  3. Body moisturiser: Nourishes, softens and seals in moisture when you need it the most
  4. Nail and cuticle oil: Improves the health and overall appearance of nails and cuticles
  5. Melting massage oil: Melts away stress, fatigue and hydrates dry skin
  6. Nappy balm: Gives little bots plenty of TLC
  7. Itchy bite soother: Relieves the itch, burn and tingle of insect bites and stings
  8. Flyaway hair tamer: Tames frizz, static, and reduces the appearance of split ends
  9. Eyebrow groomer: Keeps unruly brows in check
  10. Elbow or heel balm: Helps get feet and elbows baby-soft in no time

Trilogy’s Everything bag Balm has got UK fashionista’s attention. Is it time you bagged one of these hard-working bag balms for yourself?