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Our clean formulations are about pure, active ingredients that are responsible, sustainably and ethically sourced. And with a plethora or ingredients to choose from, we're picky! We'll only use ingredients that are necessary to make amazing skincare that delivers real results. We're proud to say that our range has a maximum effect on your skin, but a minimum effect on our environment. Win, win.

Integrity   Science and Nature




Nature gave us the ingredients; science allowed us to make powerfully potent formulations.

That's why we're committed to using organic, natural or nature identical ingredients, which meet our NATRUE and BioGro criteria. It feels good to go a la naturel.

There are over 1,300 ingredients we will not use in our formulations. And this list continues to grow. We review all the data behind every ingredient we use. And if that data chnages, we change. There is no need to use ingredients toxic to human health, or detrimental to the environment. It's that simple.

Integrity   Ocean-friendly


of the


Our products have been globally awarded for being ocean-friendly, reef-safe and biodegradable. What can we say, it's a sign of the tides.

Integrity   Formulations


the golden


With so much care applied to every step of the process, its no wonder this oil is a little bit of magic.

The oil's golden hue is a sign of its quality and concentration, but we also batch-test it to be sure it has 80% essential fatty acid and fatty acid content. You'll find our 100% pure, Certified Organic Rosehip Oil in many of our products.

That's because it's clinically proven to;

reduce the appearance of scars,


fine lines and wrinkles.

The rosehip seeds we cold-press are hand-picked from wild rosehip bushes in the mountainous regions of Lesotho and Chile.

Integrity   Formulations

No fillers


Our approach to skincare is to use clean, natural ingredients that are vital performance. We never add anything to our products unless it's absolutely necessary. That means no fillers, just potent, clean formulations for glowing happy skin.