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As well as creating natural beauty products, we're commited to navigating our practices with a steady moral compass. To do that, we work closely with our partners and suppliers to find sustainable solutions, support communities and back causes we believe in.

Responsibility   Carbon Neutral




As part of the beauty industry, we have a real responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment; and to continually be on a journey to do so. We're proud to say that our corporate operations are carbon zero certified and we've been carbon neutral since 2007. To offset our carbon emissions, we partnered with Toitū, supporting a mix of initiatives including permanent native New Zealand forestry and overseas wind farms.

Responsibility   UN Women


for woman.

We have a real responsibility to lift each other up. That's why we are so proud to endorse the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles.

A guide which aims to achieve greater equality for women all over the world. Through our partnership with UN Women, we are also able to support them in the world to end violence against women and girls in the Pacific.

Right - Rural Women's Cooperative in Guinea.

Responsibility   Lesotho

Giving back

to the source.

Knowing and respecting the origins of our ingredients is a big part of what we do here at Trilogy. So we think it's important to support the Lesotho community at the heart of our esteemed rosehip oil.

Left - Lesotho woman harvesting rosehips.

To do that, we've partnered with local initiatives in the community. Through The Rosehip Company, we provided an oil press, which allows the farmers to optimise their harvesting and produce a more sustainable income. Through the Mants'ase Children's Home, we continually provide much needed daily resources for the children in their care. It's important to give thanks where thanks are due.

Right - Mants'ase School

Responsibility   Look Good Feel Better



Whether it be going back to work, the school pick up, special family events or simply to face the day feeling more like themselves, the free Look Good Feel Better classes provide an informal, relaxed and informative environment for any person, with any cancer, at any stage of their treatment, cancer patients to learn simple techniques to look after their skin, hair, body and mind, away from the world of diagnosis. It is a non-medical appointment day for them to focus on themselves and not their cancer.

Empowering women to be the best version of themselves is part of our DNA! That's why we're proud to be a skincare donation partner of Look Good Feel Better, to support the charities huge demand for their facing cancer with confidence take home packs given out at their Look Good Feel Better workshops.

Responsibility   Unretouched

We celebrate

natural beauty.

And proudly

feature real,


people of all

ages in our



Responsibility   Waste



one step

at a time.

Our packaging isn't perfect. But we're committed to making improvements. In 2021, many of our products will shift from plastic to glass (an endlessly recyclable material), and we've introduced PCR plastic for our tubes. Our focus in this area is simple - make it easy for our customer to close the loop on packaging. No complicated and time consuming recycling schemes. Our journey in this area is just beginning. Watch this space!

Responsibility   Packaging

No boring


Any cardboard we use meets the standards set by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). It's a global not-for-profit who specialises in responsible, sustainable forest management and guarantees that our cardboard is produced from forests managed to preserve biodiversity while benefitting local communities.